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In case you haven’t noticed, We at Jobu’s Rum have had so much fun covering the World Cup, that we decided to throw some resources (aka me) into covering some of that good European fútbol we’ve been hearing so much about. Last time, we talked about the rumor that Luis Suárez was getting ready to be transferred to Barcelona, which has since become a reality. Today, we’re going to talk about another hot new Barcelona transfer rumor–one involving Colombian superstar James Rodríguez.

It appears that having Súarez, Lionel Messi and Neymar up front is not enough for the Catalan giants. They want to also bring on the breakout star and Golden Boot winner of the 2014 World Cup. Rumor has it that Barcelona have made an offer to AS Monaco, Rodríguez’s French Ligue team, of somewhere around 90 million for their prized 23-year old midfielder. The only catch, it seems, is that Barcelona is allegedly trying to sign James (btw, I hope we’re all still pronouncing it Ha-mez) not for the season that starts this August, but rather the one that starts in August of 2015. It seems Barcelona, after spending €75 on Súarez, doesn’t have much money left in their transfer budget, and would like to shore up their center-back situation with their remaining funds for this summer.

The fun part about this rumor is not just the fact that Barcelona is looking to construct one of the best offenses anyone has ever dreamed up, it’s that they’re trying to screw their greatest rivals in the process. What’s more fun than that? It seems that Real Madrid has had their eye on Rodríguez for quite some time now, and have made an offer rumored to be in the €70 million range. Barcelona is attempting to overtake them, and make their own team better at the expense of Real’s. If the rumors are to be believed, this whole thing comes about because Real Madrid swooped in and stole Barcelona target Toni Kroos with a last minute bid just a couple of weeks ago, and president Josep Bartomeu is out for revenge.

I’m excited to see how this rumor develops.

Featured image courtesy of: Stéphane Senaux/ASM FC

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