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I know you guys probably thought Uruguay’s elimination against Colombia last week would mean that I’d be done talking about Luis Súarez, but the Uruguayan striker is back in the news again this week. Don’t worry, everyone is OK. Nobody got bittten. In fact, a bit of good news has come Súarez’s way as his lawyers work on his appeal of FIFA’s harsh punishment from the Giorgio Chiellini incident. Whether or not his suspension gets reduced, the now former Liverpool man seems to be on his way to La Liga to join the famed FC Barcelona. Let’s talk details, shall we?

The price tag for Suárez’s talents is expected to be somewhere in the €60 to €80 range, which would make him the second most expensive transfer in Barcelona’s the storied history. The first man on that list is Suárez’s new teammate, Neymar. Did I mention that Lionel Messi is their other attacker? That’s right, their front three, assuming Neymar’s back heals and Suárez’s suspension gets lessened, will be Neymar, Messi and Súarez–three of the world’s best players. Wow.

Don’t worry guys, help is on the way!

The one thing apparently holding this deal up right now is Chile’s Alexis Sánchez. Sánchez, a forward who currently plays for Barcelona, is expected to be heading to Liverpool in this deal along with all that money. While the transfer of Súarez will probably happen with or without Sánchez, it would seem Liverpool will wait the Chilean out for a bit before making the deal official. Oh, and yes… there is rumored to be a biting clause in Súarez’s portion of this deal.

No one should really be surprised by this deal. First of all, after Súarez’s less than stellar apology, Barcelona’s sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, praised him to the Spanish press. Did anyone even ask him? I think that right there should have made everyone go “hmm,” like the C&C Music Factory said. Rumor has it, in fact, that it was only at Barcelona’s urging that Suárez even made the public apology. It also appears that a Spanish lawyer with ties to Barcelona is working closely with the Uruguayan FA on Suárez’s appeal. Like I said, this Barcelona deal shouldn’t be a shocker.

The one problem that this deal poses for Barcelona (aside from the obvious risk of vampirous activity) is that they really need some help in the midfield. The Cúles, as the Barcelona supporters are known, should be excited to have Suárez, but they might be worried about the all-important middle of the field. That being said, the team recently sold midfielder Cesc Fàbregas to Chelsea. If they are able to get some money back for Sánchez, there might be some room left in the budget for a midfield improvement as well.

I look forward to seeing how this one pans out over the next week or so.

UPDATE, 4:36PM: Sánchez has reportedly spurned Liverpool, and is interested in a deal to join Juventus of the Italian Serie A instead

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