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Over the last month or so, we’ve been working diligently to redesign and relaunch the site. You guys might have noticed a severe lack of posts (thanks to Jerry Ballgame and El Bolso for basically being the blog for the last month), but we’re back now, so dry those tears. You knew Jobu wouldn’t leave you for too long, didn’t you?

Anyway, I gotta thank everyone who made this possible, including the good folks at purenine and our mysterious Turkish designer/developer. We couldn’t have launched without you! To the readers: Please feel free to shop around, as we’ve completely changed everything around. We’ll be working hard to keep the content fresh, and well organized, for your reading pleasure, so just sit back, read about some sports and have a good time.

Welcome to the new Jobu’s Rum!

Martin Stezano

About Martin Stezano

Uruguayan born and American raised with a unique perspective on the domestic and international sports scenes. It will both tickle your funny bone and enlighten your mind. Love it or hate it...just read it.