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Going into this season, it was no real secret that the Yankees were spread pretty thin in the infield. They did a wonderful job of signing the best catcher on the market, and a couple of solid bats that happened to be outfielders, but they used the bandaid approach at second and third base. Not only that, but they don’t really have adequate depth for anyone either. Mark Teixeira‘s injury last week started a downward trend for this infield, and now Derek Jeter and Brian Roberts are down with minor ailments too. Just last night, Carlos Beltran had to play first base because of the way this roster is constructed. I’m not sure what kind of sign from above the Yankees are waiting for, but I think it’s time to bring in reinforcements.

Stephen Drew, the former Red Sox shortstop, is sitting at home all alone waiting for the right major league deal to come along. He hasn’t gotten that deal yet because signing him will cost the team that gets him a first round pick (or whatever best pick they have left). It’s all a bit ridiculous, because Drew is what most teams would hope their first round pick would turn into; an every day shortstop with an elite glove and a solid bat with some pop. In the Yankees’ case, they only have their second round pick left to give, as they already gave away all of their other picks for the bounty they brought in this off-season.

So let me get this straight… We can give up a second round pick and get a guy that can play excellent defense, is willing to switch positions and has a swing that is pretty much tailor made for Yankees Stadium? Uh… Yes please? Even looking beyond this season, they could sign him to a two year deal and have a replacement for Derek Jeter for 2015 too. It’s not like there’s anyone else waiting in the wings at AAA that can take over shortstop.

Unfortunately, according to ESPN, anonymous sources are saying that there’s no way anyone is going to sign either Drew, or fellow draft pick casualty Kendrys Morales. The source says: “Nobody’s signing Drew or Morales, not at the money they’re asking.”a. These anonymous sources have actually caused quite a stink. Super Agent Scott Boras has accused the sources of violating the collective bargaining agreement (they kind of are) and he’s all up in arms about it.b That won’t really affect anything, but Boras is always willing to add fuel to fires, so it makes for a good story.

Either way, it makes perfect sense for the Yankees to sign Stephen Drew. It’s clear that they might not be able to count on Jeter or Roberts, let alone both of them, and so they should just sign a legitimate replacement for them now. Sure, Kelly Johnson and Yangervis Solarte have been wonderful so far, but are we going to trust them with 162 games? Brendan Ryan, our real backup shortstop, is also on the DL, with no signs of coming back any time soon… Let’s make this move now, while we still can.

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