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Jobu introduces his new series of posts. It’s dedicated to profiling exciting rookies in Major League Baseball, and we start with Jurickson Profar.

I’ve always been a big fan of rookies. Ever since I was little, it seems that the infusion of new talent on my favorite sports teams has boosted and invigorated my fandom and passion for a team. When I was little, the Yankees went with their “Youth Movement” and, over the course of a couple of seasons, called up guys like Kevin Maas, Wade Taylor, Jeff Johnson, Jim Leyritz, and Pat Kelly. Sure, most of those guys were terrible, but i was a total mark for whatever new guy the Yankees brought up. A few years later, when the Core Four™ came up, it was even more rewarding because they ended up turning the franchise around and creating a dynasty.

As a fan, rookies become almost like your children. You will them to succeed and feel for them when they fail. If you’re lucky, you get to watch them grow up and play on your team for 15 or 20 years, and you get some World Series rings out of the deal. Anyway, the point of all this is that I am introducing our new series for the 2013 Major League Baseball season. Welcome to the Jobu’s Rum 2013 Rookie Spotlight Series! In this series, we’ll be only be spotlighting new rookies that you, as a fan or as a fantasy baseball owner, should get to know. On top of that, we’ll be “adopting” four Rookie of the Year favorites and updating you on their progress throughout the season. Is there going to be another Mike Trout or Bryce Harper this season? We’re going to find out through these posts. Are you ready to meet your first potential 2013 rookie? I know I am!

Jurickson Profar, SS – Texas Rangers

If you want to talk about an exciting young player, look no further than Texas Rangers’ rookie Jurickson Profar. I know you guys are thinking that he was called up last year, so he shouldn’t be on this list, but he wasn’t up for very long, and therefore retained his rookie status, so, as the great Chris Jericho would say, pipe down, Junior. Anyway, if you don’t know who Profar is, then you need to go back and do your homework. About a month ago, the shortstop from Willemstad, Curaçao turned 20 years old, and he is considered the best prospect in all of baseball.

Americans first met young Jurickson in 2004, when he led the Pabao Little League team to a Little League World Series championship when he was 11 years old. The Rangers signed him just five years later, and hust eight years later, he was making his Major League debut. Absurd. When he made his debut on August 31st of last year, he became the first player born in 1993 to play in the majors… sorry Bryce Harper, you’re old now.

Anyway, how did his major league debut go? The switch-hitting Jurickson started his career off with a bang, to say the least. Playing second base, he came to bat in the top of the third inning and blasted a near-400 foot home run off of Indians pitcher Zach McAllister in his very first at bat, becoming the 114th player in Major League history to homer in his first plate appearance (two others, Starling Marte and Eddy Rodríguez, also did it in 2012). Later in the game, he doubled in another run that gave the Rangers the lead. He only managed one hit in his other eight Major League games, but at least it was another double. At least he got his money’s worth.

What’s next for Profar? With Adrian Beltre at third, Elvis Andrus at short and Ian Kinsler at second, there really isn’t an every day role available for Profar. Because of this, he’ll most likely start the 2013 season at AAA. 20-year-old, best prospect in all of baseball types shouldn’t be riding a major league bench. He’s going to need to play every day, and so the Round Rock Express of the Pacific Coast League is where he needs to be. That being said, everyone has simply been gushing about this kid all spring, so something tells me he won’t be there long… Move over guys, Jurickson is coming.

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