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Jobu needs to know that what he’s doing is ok… help Jobu with his obession!

I don’t know about you guys, but I miss fantasy baseball already. 2012 was a magical year for my team, Dude Booth. First of all, I finished first in the fantasy regular season to earn my money back. After my first round bye, I somehow snuck by my opponent in the second round, even though my team, which had relied heavily on hitting in the regular season, hit .176. In an unexpected turn of events, my pitching actually carried me through the week, and I advanced to the finals (sorry Matty V). In the finals, my bats awakened from their month-long slumber, and I used a ridiculous flurry of pitching add/drops to crush my valiant opponent (sorry, Steve) and take home the big prize. So when is it appropriate to start planning for next year?

Now I know you guys must be thinking… but Jobu, you’re so knowledgable about sports and so smart and handsome… don’t you win every year? Oh you guys… thanks, but no. I had actually never won any fantasy league in my life before this. I finished second in football in 2004, second in baseball in 2007, second in basketball in 2011/12, and third in baseball in 2010 and 2011. Always a bridesmaid, right? By the way, I am currently tied for first place in fantasy football, but it’s way too early to really brag about that… a lot.

Anywho the point of this post isn’t for me to brag about my fantasy sports successes. No, it’s to answer a question that I often ponder as November rolls around. Is it too early to start studying for fantasy baseball 2013? Believe it or not, my answer is yes, but that’s not going to stop me from starting. After all, championship defenses start the day after the title game, no? When the Yankees won in 2009, they didn’t sit around until February before they started planning for 2010. Why should I hold myself to a lower standard? I’m trying to build a dynasty here!

Bill and Ted in the original dude booth, circa 1989.

For those of you who don’t know my winning strategy, it usually involves creating a spreadsheet. I used to start this spreadsheet in like January. A couple of years ago, I started it in December. Last year, November. This year, I think I started it during the World Series. It’s almost too bad that I won this season, because it has only served to feed the beast. My girlfriend was happy when baseball ended because she thought it meant I would stop obsessing over winning… At least I won’t be watching games every night, right babe?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you think it’s too early to start studying for fantasy baseball, then don’t do it. If you feel like a freak because you started planning your 2013 season like midway through the 2012 season, don’t. There’s a place for you at Jobu’s Rum. We welcome all freaks. We’ll help you win titles.

Dude Booth 2012, bitches!

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