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So I recently got a new gig writing about the Yankees for Yanks Go Yard. This my latest post. I’ll hit you with an excerpt, and you can read the rest on the YGY website.


The Yankees offense has struggled mightily throughout the early 2016 season. Could trading for Ryan Braun be the answer?


According to the latest from Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the possibility of the Brewers trading Ryan Braun is becoming “more realistic.” Braun’s torrid start (he’s hitting .372/.443/.605 with 5 home runs and 21 RBI through his first 24 games as I write this) and the fact that Milwaukee is in the middle of an ongoing rebuild are listed by Rosenthal as reasons why the Brewers might be more and more likely to pull the trigger on a deal for the man affectionately know as the “Hebrew Hammer.”


Read the rest right now at Yanks Go Yard!

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