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Jobu reacts to the trade between the Marlins and the Blue Jays.

Being a Yankees fan, I know what it’s like when my team spends big money to bring in players that they believe will help the squad win the World Series. Call me part of the evil empire, but it’s a great feeling. It gives you hope and really gives you something to cheer about. The part I can’t really relate to is the firesale, and the one the Marlins have been having since the midway point of last year can’t feel good on South Beach.

Should we really be surprised at what the Marlins did on Tuesday night? They’re kind of getting famous for that now. Wayne Huizenga did it after the 1997 World Series and current owner Jeffrey Loria did it after they won in 2003. The key to those fire sales though, was that they came immediately after championships. This time around, they finished last in the division before completely dashing all hopes for 2013, and probably a few years beyond.

For those of you who don’t know, the Marlins traded José Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, Emilio Bonafacio and John Buck to the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday for Henderson Álvarez, Yunel Escobar, Adeiny Hechavarria, Jeff Mathis and three prospects. Over the last year or so now, they’ve traded away Heath Bell, Hanley Ramírez, Reyes, Buehrle and Johnson and they fired their manager, Ozzie Guillen.

The Marlins waived goodbye to all the promises they made last offeason. (AP Photos)

To put it simply, they basically put together a big money team to lure fans to their fancy new stadium (which they basically swindled the city into paying for), and then dumped all of it within the year. It’s disgusting. It’s like when you let your ex back into your life because they promise they have changed. Sure, at first things are great, but eventually you realize she’s still the worst person in the world. At least you can break up again though. Marlins’ fans and players are stuck with their team (the fans more than their players) and I feel sorry for them all.

Giancarlo Stanton tweeted about his anger basically as soon as the trade was announced. Ricky Nolasco refused to comment on the trade because, as he said, he’s probably next anyway. It’s sad, it’s depressing and the league should probably do something about it at this point. Does Jeffrey Loria still need to be owning a major league franchise? Can’t they bully him into selling or something? Can they suspend him and his front office?

Something has to be done. The Marlins are bad for the fans, their players and the league as a whole. I hope everyone in Miami goes hoarse from booing them this season. I would if I were down there, brothers. Also, if Stanton is so upset that he demands a trade, Brian Cashman better empty out the roster to get him.

Featured image courtesy of: AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

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