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As I mentioned when Colombia knocked my Uruguayos from the World Cup last week, I will be attempting to cover Los Cafeteros (The Coffeers) more now. That’s right, the old “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” routine. Call me a bandwagoner bandwagoneer a band wagon jumper, but at least I didn’t hitch my wagon to the Brazilians, or one of the other favorites to take home the trophy. That’s right. Much to my mother’s chagrin, I am not rooting for Brazil in tomorrow’s game. It doesn’t even matter that I’m 25% Brazilian myself (sorry Grandpa). Frankly, rooting for Brazil is like rooting for the Yankees, and I already root for the Yankees. Let’s go Colombia.

Brazil, like many of the favored teams in this World Cup (looking at you Argentina and Germany), haven’t been playing all that great. A questionable penalty got them past Croatia, they drew against Mexico and couldn’t even score and, after thrashing a terrible Cameroon team, they barely squeaked by Chile in penalty kicks. They were maybe six inches from going home, as a late attempt at a game winner from Chilean sub Mauricio Pinilla, hit the corner of the goal and went out just before the extra time ended. After that, only Júlio César saved them from losing in PKs.

Obrigado Júlio, você é um herói para o Brasil. Muito bem!

Colombia, on the other hand, has looked damn near unbeatable so far this cup. Like Brazil, they are undefeated so far this tournament, only they didn’t have to settle for any draws. They beat Greece, who is known for a staunch defense, 3-0. They then beat the Ivory Coast 2-1 and crushed Japan 4-1 to end the Group Stage. As I mentioned a bit earlier, they then beat Uruguay 2-0 in the round of 16. The Colombians have used great defense, timely scoring and superstar in the making James Rodríguez to basically make this whole World Cup thing look easy so far. No one has really even threatened to beat them.

That being said, I don’t expect Colombia to roll over Brazil like they have been rolling over everyone else. Brazil hasn’t looked great so far, but they’re still Brazil. They still have one of the most talented rosters in the tournament, and they have a lot of players that know how to win for their club teams. They also have the added motivation (or possibly pressure) of playing in front of their home crowd. However, I just think Colombia is playing way too well right now. They have all the confidence in the world, and they should; because they’ve been great. To me, Brazil has been “Neymar and the Gang – Featuring Yuichi Nishimura and the Friendly Refs” so far this tournament. With their superstar striker dealing with some nagging injuries, I don’t know that they can stop Colombia’s momentum, no matter how many co-eds Fred’s mustache feels up at the public pool.

I predict Colombia will win this one 2-1, and James will net his 6th goal of the cup in the process.

Take a listen to’s preview of both of Friday’s games:

Featured image courtesy of: Antonio Lacerda/European Pressphoto Agency

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