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Jobu celebrates the end of the Ben Francisco Roster Spot Watch.

That’s right, my friends. It’s all over. Put away the binoculars. Return your spyglasses to the attic crawl space where they belong. The Ben Francisco Roster Spot Watch is over! The Yankees have cut the excess baggage loose, and are taking with them only what they need to survive. Like the giant hair dryer in Spaceballs, Ben Francisco has been left on the dessert floor.

Even though they lost another outfielder to the disabled list (technically it’s one of the ones they’d already lost) when Curtis Granderson got his hand broken by a Matt Moore fastball, the Yankees designated Francisco for assignment. Once he clears waivers (I refuse to believe anyone else would ever want him on the squad), he’ll probably be in AAA Scranton. There’s a chance we might see him again, but I highly doubt it. Brennan Boesch is now the fourth outfielder, even though he’s a lefty.

The Ben Francisco era is officially over. Here are the highlights. He played in an unfathomable 21 games. He came to the plate 50 times. He managed four singles and six walks, and somehow got a ball to go over the fence against Eric Bedard, who was almost immediately removed from the Astros’ rotation. Seriously, I don’t know how he managed it, other than the fact that Bedard is just plain awful. Anyway, that’s it. That’s the Ben Francisco era. He slashed .114/.220/.182 with 1 HR and 1 RBI. Hey. At least he scored 4 runs.

Goodbye, Ben Francisco. May we never see you again.

Martin Stezano

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