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Jobu previews and predicts the fall classic between the Giants and the Tigers.

Folks, I am a man’s man, and can therefore admit when I’m wrong. I didn’t pick either of these teams to be in the World Series this year. I thought the Yankees would actually bring their bats to the ALCS and knock the Tigers out in six games, and I thought the Cardinals’ momentum would be too much for the Giants to handle. As the great John Sterling says, that’s baseball, Suzyn (TB,S).

Anywho, let’s get to it. The Tigers swept the Yankees, so they’ve been waiting around since Friday to find out who they play. The Giants, meanwhile, overcame a 3-1 deficit in this series and smacked the Cardinals around in game seven (9-0) to reach their second World Series in the last three years.

These two teams match up pretty well. I’d give the Tigers the edge on offense, and the Giants the nod in pitching, but overall it’s pretty close. The Tigers, who boast two of the more fearsome hitters in the league, hit terribly against the Yankees and only won because the Yankees couldn’t use Raúl Ibañez as “automatic hitter with runners on base.” The Giants, meanwhile, who can’t hit a lick, knocked the Cards around pretty good in the seven games. TB,S, baby. TB,S.

Prince Fielder’s giant head might win this World Series on its own. (US Presswire)

It’s clear you cannot predict playoff baseball accurately, or I would have gotten the LCS correct. I really can’t bring myself to root for the Tigers because they should be the Yankees right now, so I’m going to be pulling for the Giants in this series. Also, I think the fact that the Tigers haven’t been hitting will catch up with them. They will also get off to a rocky start because of all the time off they’ve had off too. The Giants, meanwhile, are hot, have won three games in a row and will only have one off day before the series.

If the Giants can figure out their rotation (it’s always tricky to figure out the next round when you play all seven games of a series), I think they’ll take the World Series in seven games. I mean come on… the Tigers? Please.

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