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Jobu celebrates Uruguay’s Copa América championship.

So I know I don’t normally do news type posts because we’re more of an opinion/editorial type blog, but I had to report one bit of news today at least. The chance to report a Copa América championship comes along only once every four years. Also, I’m from Uruguay and I’m the head writer/editor for Jobu’s Rum (which means i can write about whatever I want), so here we go. I’ll try to keep it short for any sad Paraguayans (or Argentinians) that are reading.

Today Uruguay beat Paraguay 3-0 to become Copa América champions. The game was pretty one-sided, with Uruguay dominating all but maybe ten minutes of the action. Goals by Liverpool striker Luis Alberto Suárez in the 12th minute, and Atlético Madrid striker Diego Forlán in the 42nd and 90th minutes (his first taste of the back of the net since last year’s incredible World Cup run) paved the way for Uruguay’s 15th Copa América title. This 15th title accomplishes two things. First, it’s Uruguay’s first Copa América championship since 1995, a span of 16 years. Second, it moves them ahead of Argentina for the most Copa América championships. Any time Argentina gets knocked off a pedestal, you know I like it, because they’re awful, awful people (hee hee!).

Uruguay’s sudden return to relevance in the international fútbol picture has been quite impressive. Once considered a world power in the sport after winning the 1924 and 1928 olympic gold medals, the 1930 World Cup and the 1950 World Cup, Uruguay really fell off quite a bit in the last couple of decades. They did win a couple of Copa Américas in the 80s and 90s, but didn’t make it out of the group stage in the 2002 World Cup and missed the 2006 World Cup all together.

After that debacle in 2006, Óscar Wáshington “El Maestro” Tabárez was hired to coach, and things really turned around. Under Tabárez’s tutelage, Forlán emerged as a legitimate superstar and Suárez began his quest to become the best player in South America (I think he made it official in this Copa). In 2010 it all came together, and Uruguay rode Forlán’s Golden Ball trophy winning performance and some great defense to a fourth place finish in the World Cup. Some (probably jealous Argentinians) thought that World Cup performance was more of a fluke than the return of a fútbol super power. This Copa América victory, especially the way they beat Argentina and dominated both Perú and Paraguay, really might cement Uruguay as another legitimate World Cup contender from South America in 2014. It’s been a hell of a lot of fun being from Uruguay the last couple of summers, and here’s looking forward to some more great fútbol in the years to come.

Ok that’s all I got on this today… that one was personal. Arríba la Celeste!!

Here are the highlights, courtesy of the official Youtube channel of Copa América 2011:

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  1. Great article but being of Uruguayan ancestry I am also biased. Arriba La Celeste!! Great job, loved it.

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