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Back on May 2nd, I wrote an article called “Ted Williams: Biggest Jerk Ever.” It was about how Ted Williams mistreated the media throughout his career and it cost him several MVP awards and other personal accolades. It turns out Williams’ kids (his son John-Henry is pictured above with dear old dad) are jerks too.

During his last marriage, to former Miss Vermont Dolores Wettoch, Williams fathered two children. There was a son, John-Henry Williams, and a daughter, Claudia. When Williams passed away in 2001, the world met his horrible offspring for the first time. Controversy erupted around Boston when John-Henry and Claudia decided there would be no funeral, and flew the body down to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona to be cryogenically frozen.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Williams’ daughter from a previous marriage, Barbara Joyce Ferrell, emerged with claims that Williams had expressed a desire to be cremated, with his ashes spread out in the Florida Keys. Her accusations were actually supported by Williams’ last will and testament. Ferrell began a very public campaign against her half-brother’s decision. To counter this, Claudia and John-Henry produced what was basically an old napkin with their father’s signature on it and a note stating that Williams had changed his mind as he edged closer to death in his later years and wanted to be cryogenically frozen instead.

While the signature was determined to be real, specualtion was that the signature was either coaxed from Ted under false pretenses, or just a practice signature around which the note about wanting to be cryogenically frozen was written. In the end, Ferrell dropped her case when an agreement was reached between the three kids. What caused Barbara Joyce Ferrell to drop her quest to uphold her father’s possible last dying wish and to keep her dad’s corpse from being desecrated by her evil half-brother and half-sister? It seems Ted Williams had a trust fund worth $645,000. Ferrell, who had previously been disinherited by Williams, took her third and walked away.

So basically, someone was lying and someone didn’t give a shit about their dead father’s wishes. We aren’t sure which is which, but all parties were appeased when money was stuffed down their gullets. How’s that for a family bond? Speaking of money, that brings us (finally) to the reason I wrote this article. It appears Claudia has made news again in regards to her dead father. Claudia has decided to sell a bunch of her father’s memorabilia, including his 1949 MVP trophy, his Hall of Fame ring, and many other awards “Teddy Ballgame” won in his career. Her reasoning is that, basically, the time has come for someone else to enjoy the stuff that has been sitting in storage for so many years. She wants others to be able to enjoy her father’s treasures too.

Aw… that’s nice. Until I googled this story so that I could site it for this post. Instead, I found another story from 2006 about how Claudia was suing the San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum for a bunch of memorabilia once belonging to her late father. Her claim back then was that the items had been loaned, not given, to the Museum by her late father and now the family wanted them back. Included in that lot of memorabilia was, among other things, Ted Williams’ 1949 Most Valuable Player award. The museum, it turns out, acknowledged that the items were borrowed from Williams, but they were keeping them because they claimed John-Henry Williams still owed them $265,000 (John-Henry had passed away). So one deadbeat child swindled a museum, then another deadbeat child sued said museum for the items in question, only to turn around and sell them five years later! If you really wanted the public to enjoy the memorabilia, why didn’t you just leave them at the museum in the first place?? Oh, probably because that didn’t involve you making any money, you horrible, horrible wench of a woman.

At least some of the money is going to charity… allegedly. Also, I hope they’re all happy together in the depths of Hell. Well, not Ted, since his body and head are frozen solid in a lab somewhere thanks to his kids. Maybe this is more proof that Ted Williams really was the biggest jerk ever if he raised these assholes.

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