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Jobu reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ criticisms of his NFC teammates in the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl.

Last night, I saw one of the most ridiculous headlines in history. No, it wasn’t about an athlete getting arrested, a college basketball sex abuse scandal, or even about the Yankees signing Manny Delcarmen to a minor league deal. The headline read: “Rodgers Rips Effort of NFC Players in Pro Bowl.” I was stunned.

I wasn’t stunned because of the NFC’s lackluster effort Sunday in Hawaii (the AFC won the game 59-41). I was stunned because actually someone gave a crap about the Pro Bowl! And it was a player, no less! Really Aaron Rodgers? The Pro Bowl? That’s what you’re upset about? Not your team’s awful loss to the mighty New York Giants in the playoffs two weeks ago?

It’s the Pro Bowl! I was actually planning on writing a post about how the Pro Bowl should be canned because no one cared about it, and then realized that I didn’t even care enough about it to write about how much I didn’t care about it. That’s pretty bad! I mean, I don’t condone not playing your best, or not trying to win. Dozens of people were waiting to see their favorite NFL players at the stadium that day… at least the ones not playing in the Super Bowl. You know… arguably the best teams in the league? Nobody wants to see those guys in Honolulu, right?

The Pro Bowl used to be played after the season was over. While nobody watched (hence the league’s feeble attempt to gain viewers by sticking it the week before the Super Bowl), it made more sense because everyone could play in it. You might have been treated with Tom Brady going against Eli Manning for a quarter or two after their epic Super Bowl matchup… or other fun matchups.

The Pro Bowl really is the bastard child of the major All-Star games. The reason the MLB, NHL and NBA All-Star games work is that they’re in the middle of the season. It’s a cool and fun break for fans and players alike. If you put the game at the end of the season, or right before the Super Bowl, players who had previously gone home to their families, now have to fly somewhere to play yet another game. For those fans hungry for the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl won’t cut it. For those fans whose teams are no longer involved, they’re done with football already. They don’t care.

The other problem with the Pro Bowl is that the NFL is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Hey guys, remember when you put up with nagging injuries to tough out a grueling sixteen game season? How about one more? ah? for the kids? Better yet, you know how you somehow made it through the season without getting a concussion? How about you take a couple dozen more hits to the head? ah?? You get to wear a lei and maybe dance the Hula!

Take it easy Aaron Rodgers. If people can’t even get motivated to write about the Pro Bowl or watch it on TV, why are players going to get geared up to play? It’s meaningless, dangerous and stupid. We got enough of that kind of thing from the X-Games last week. Go home and relax.

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