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Jobu weighs in on the man who has the lips of every news reporter in America puckered squarely on his cheeks…

From the title of this piece, and the introduction, you can probably tell what the tone of the rest of this post is going to be. For those of you who didn’t watch football this weekend, one of the biggest stories in the NFL was Tim Tebow’s 18 point comeback against the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon. Apparently, if you listen to mainstream media, one fourth quarter comeback makes you the next great Quarterback in the NFL… You’d think no one had ever led the Broncos on a last minute drive to victory before…

When the fourth quarter began, the Broncos were down 15-0. The score stayed that way until 55 minutes into the game, when Tebow marched down the field and threw a 5 yard TD pass to Demaryius Thomas with 2:44 to go in the game. After the defense held, Tebow got the ball back and marched down the field again, this time throwing to Daniel Fells for a 3 yard score. With the Broncos now down 15-13 with just 17 seconds left on the clock, the choice was simple: go for two. This time, Tebow took things into his own hands, dramatically running in the two point conversion to tie the game. Eventually, Tebow got the ball in OT and drove far enough down the field for Matt Prater to kick a game winning 52 yard field goal.

Look, I’m not taking anything away from what Tebow did in the last five minutes of that game. He put the team on his back and led them back for the tie, and an eventual win. Not everyone has the balls to do something like that (pardon the expression), so I’m impressed. When it mattered, Tebow got it done. During those last two drives, Tebow completed 9 of 13 passes for 121 yards and two touchdowns. Impressive, right?

Now, the bad news. As good as Tebow was during those last two drives on Sunday, he was infinitely worse during the other 55 minutes of play. During that time, the time when the Broncos had zero points, Tebow completed just 4 of his 14 pass attempts for 40 yards and (of course) no TDs. It really does not get any worse than that.

Tim Tebow might still have something to prove in my eyes, but at least he found love in Miami.

Actually, yes it does, because the Broncos were playing the Dolphins. The Dolphins came into the game winless in five games. The have scored just 90 points all season, which is good for third worst in the NFL (Jaguars are last with 56…56!). They also came into the game with 147 points allowed, which ties them for 15th worst in the league. So the Dolphins have a middle of the pack defense, and one of the worst offenses in the entire NFL. What this means is that the Broncos were lucky they weren’t down by a lot more, and scoring those points against them, and not someone like the Ravens for example (83 points allowed), less impressive.

A middle of the pack defense made Tebow look like Dave Brown (sorry Giants fans) for the first 55 minutes and John Elway for the final five. The problem the Broncos face is that they don’t know who the real Tebow is. Is he John Elway, or is he just another Kyle Orton? Will he be their franchise Quarterback for the next fifteen years, or will they be forced to draft someone else in the first round in a couple of seasons (maybe even Andrew Luck this year)?

I feel like this game did not solve the Denver Broncos QB Controversy at all. Tebow needs to prove that he can do what he did in the fourth quarter on Sunday, in the first three quarters of games, and he needs to prove he can do it consistently. He should probably also show that he can do it against a team that isn’t seemingly trying to play badly enough to draft Andrew Luck with the first pick come April. You can’t make a career squeaking out overtime victories against winless teams. So let’s all calm down a bit and see what the kid has to offer next week against the 5-2 Detroit Lions.

Highlights, courtesy of ESPN (First two minutes or so. The rest is analysis):

Feature image courtesy of: AP PHOTO/HANS DERYK
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3 thoughts on “Let’s All Settle Down About Tim Tebow

  1. that picture of tebow give some justice about how jobu feels about him

  2. I can’t shake the feeling that they’d love Tebow in Canada.Maybe he should have done the Flutie thing and gone North for a while before trying the NFL.

  3. He might be King in the CFL. Does anyone know if there are any rule differences that would benefit him? I feel like the people would like him because of his scrambling, like Flutie as Jerry said.

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