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Hello loyal readers

It is with a little bit of sadness (and control freak anxiety) that I announce that I will be on vacation starting Saturday (6/30). I’ll be entering enemy territory, as my vacation will take me to Cape Cod, where I will be spending a week fishing, playing golf, eating, drinking, laying in the sun and sneaking looks at my fantasy baseball team while my girlfriend isn’t looking.

We have some content lined up, as our staff has done a great job of stockpiling content so that I don’t have to write anything while I lay around the Cape, but it will probably be a pretty slow week for the blog. I will most likely not be doing series reviews for the upcoming matchups against the White Sox, and Rays and Red Sox, although, if I don’t write them on my vacation, expect some kind of all encompassing update post. I might also try to get to some kind of local sports something while I’m there, so maybe I’ll come back with some goodies anyway. Also, there’s always twitter!

Anywho, I hope all of you enjoy your July 4th week. Go America!

Martin Stezano

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Uruguayan born and American raised with a unique perspective on the domestic and international sports scenes. It will both tickle your funny bone and enlighten your mind. Love it or hate it...just read it.

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