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Somebody has to recognize Jobu’s talents, it might as well be him.

When I started this blog, it was because I wanted an outlet for all my opinions about and my love for sports. When I felt like we needed some more content, I reached out to friends to help me recruit writers. Yes, I am trying to [slowly] establish a real blog, and I think we’re doing OK. Just google Jobu’s Rum and see where we come up in search. It’s times like these, however, where I am really glad I own this domain and run this blog, because it gives me a platform from which to profess my own awesomeness at fantasy sports!

I mean seriously, I’m on one the greatest run of my fantasy sports life, and I have to toot my own horn to the world about it (it’s more fun than just making fun of my buddies about it). This Sunday will mark the beginning of the Fantasy Football finals. My team, Tender Vittles, will be suiting up against He Hate Me, a team managed by one of my oldest friends, Matty V.

This will be the third consecutive fantasy sports final I have been involved in. I barely lost the fantasy basketball finals last summer, when my team, Space Mountain (whoooooooo!) fell just short in a 4-3 head to head loss to my other good friend’s team, I’m Pooping. Not to be deterred, I drafted and managed a tremendous team to the fantasy baseball championship later in the summer (congratulations, Dude Booth). And now, I am on the cusp of perhaps another title.

Just a little toot tooting for my fantasy prowess... (
Just a little toot tooting for my fantasy prowess… (

For the second straight fantasy sport, my team basically limped into the finals. While I won the regular season in fantasy baseball, my team played horribly for the last month or so, and barely got past Matty V’s team in the second round of the playoffs. My semi-final matchup for fantasy football was, by far, my worst week of the year. I didn’t have RGII, Matthew Stafford laid a major stinker and I only put up 75.40 points. That was my worst total of the year by far, and only the second time my team put up less than 100 points (96 in week 1). Fortunately for me, Tony, my fantasy football arch nemesis, fielded a team that was somehow even worse. He had Eli Manning and Victor Cruz, and the Giants got shut out, which didn’t help. He managed only 56+ points, and i snuck into the finals.

The reason I won fantasy baseball was that my team treaded water and exploded in the last week and a half of the year. Guys that had slumped horribly in August and September all of a sudden woke up in real life, and i rolled over my opponent, Dr. Draft’s Pray The Gay Away squad, 11-1. Will the same thing happen in football this week? It’s hard to say. Matty V’s team put up 165 points last week, which is 90 more than i managed, and one of the highest totals of anyone in our league for the whole year. Theory states that he can’t possibly put up that many again, and my team can’t possibly be as bad as it was either, so we should have a more even matchup.

I’ve already told Matt not to be alarmed by my point total from week 15, and that he still has a chance to win (reverse psychology at its finest, if I say so myself). Last time we faced each other, we both put up monster weeks, but Matt beat me 137-130 (or so). Matt’s team won the regular season too, which makes me the underdog, and maybe that’s just how i want it…

Toot toot, He Hate Vick… are you ready?

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