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It’s been very difficult just to watch the Red Sox these days, let alone sit down to write something thoughtful and of any length about them. With that in mind, I trust then you can forgive me for bringing the “Hublet” out of retirement so that I might briefly cover them, as well as a a few other semi related topics. I can’t promise I won’t be repetitive, I can only try.


HUBLET NO. 1: No more magic, Mike



I have been operating under the assumption since the very beginning that this would be Mike Napoli‘s last season with the Sox. I was hopeful that the various medical procedures he underwent on his face last winter to help him sleep, and his hand to help him play baseball, would make it possible for him to return to the championship form of 2013, when he hit .259 with 23 homers, and 92 RBI, but this has not been the case. Although he has finally made double figures in home runs with 10, he is hitting a meager .204, with just 27 RBI, and 61 Ks. As unimpressive as those numbers are, he may still be of some interest to a contending team down the stretch. Although it’s not likely the Sox would get anyone of immediate value in return, it would make it possible for them to cut down on the amount of damage Hanley Ramirez is doing in left field, by moving him to first. As a former infielder, you have to believe it’s possible for him to manage the transition fairly quickly.


HUBLET NO. 2: Speaking of manage…



The Sox missed the opportunity to send a message to its underachieving team about three weeks ago when it failed to let manager John Farrell go. I don’t think he’s a bad manager, he’s just not the manager this team needs. Sometimes when you are in charge, you have to adjust your approach and expectations to match the personalities and potential of the team you are dealing with. It doesn’t appear Farrell can do that. As Terry Francona found out, being a “players’ manager” in Boston doesn’t always work for the long haul, despite winning a championship.


HUBLET NO. 3: Cardinal Law



I have to say I find the way that many in the national media have tried to minimize the seriousness of the Cardinals hacking of the Houston Astros to be very annoying and a bit hypocritical. Especially the ones who have jumped all over the Patriots for their media-fueled controversies, calling for season long suspensions and vacating of titles. Some people have tried to let St. Louis off the hook by blaming Houston because they didn’t change their passwords. As least the Pats have never been investigated by the FBI for committing a crime. At any rate, it will be interesting to see how far up the chain of command it goes, how the team is punished, and if anyone actually goes to jail.


Stay tuned…

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