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It seems like everyone I know who either writes or talks about sports on a a regular basis, has a way of getting caught up on an assortment of leftover odds and ends. Sometimes they refer to it as “emptying out the locker”, others use the “clearing off the desk” line, while still others do the “cleaning out the notebook” routine. For me, the “Before I Forget” line seems appropriate  for a variety reasons, so I’ll use that. So seriously, before I forget, here are some of the things I wanted to get caught up on.


In the way of a reminder, my last submission was an attempt to find some good in what’s been a difficult season for Red Sox fans. At the heart of it was the excited anticipation surrounding the future, and the eventual promotion to the big club of one Marcus Lynn Betts as an outfielder; because we weren’t going to need him at second base. Well, the very next morning after my post went live, the Boston media started wondering out loud about Dustin Pedroia being done. The theory was that the recent series of wrist and hand injuries that he had suffered had taken their toll on his power and that he was barely an average second baseman–no longer MVP material.  They pointed to the fact that his home run totals had gone from 15 in 2012, to 9 last year, to 4 so far this year.  It’s a bit of an understatement to say that “Petey” did not take too kindly to the doubters, going on a tear that saw him hitting close to .500 over an extend time. He has currently “cooled” over the last seven games, hitting a mere .385, and raising his BA to a respectable .280.  Included in that are 47 runs, 99 hits–of which 24 are doubles–and 32 RBI’s. By the way, those 47 runs, are 6 more than has Jacoby Ellsbury currently scored.

In addition, at just about the same time, the Sox decided not to wait and almost immediately thereafter, brought Mookie Betts up to the big club. Before I forget to mention it, Betts’s Dad was not a fan of any former Mets, but rather a fan of retired NBA guard Daron Oshay “Mookie” Blaylock, hence the nickname for his son. Through his first five games, Betts was hitting .211, with 1 HR, and 2 RBI’s. Obviously, that was not the big splash everyone was hoping for, leading to the speculation that the Boston brass had rushed him up in an attempt to distract the fans.


Red Sox Outfielders
(Barry Chin/Globe Staff)

Speaking of  guards, when the Sox go with an outfield that consists of some combination of Brock Holt. Daniel Nava, Jackie Bradley, and/or the young Mr. Betts, they average about 5’10”, and 184 pounds. I hope they are good outside shooters, because they have yet to show much power, combining for just 4 home runs, or one less then Ellsbury.


Seeing as the Sox have taken up residence in the AL East cellar, it is becoming more and more likely that they will become sellers at trade deadline time. Don’t be surprise to see them move their ace, Jon Lester, preferably to a National League contender. The feeling in these parts, is that if gets to the off season without being signed, he will go to the highest bidder who gives him six or more years, which is  likely to be the Yankees. Let’s hope if they go that route and trade him, that they come away with at least one power hitting outfielder.


It seems to me that the Yankees have adopted the attitude that rather than develop their own talent, they’ll just sign players away from the Red Sox. Other than Johnny Damon, you have to wonder how well that’s worked for them. If New York doesn’t make a strong move over the second half of the season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a major front office shake up. There was a great deal of speculation last winter that Brian Cashman was ready to move on, so maybe it happens next year.


I wish the Red Sox rookie Brock Holt’s last name ended with an ‘s’–as in Brock Holts. That way his teammates could call him “Buck”, as a nickname. Then if they wanted to tease him they could yell, “Hey, Buck Holts! No, not you, the other Buchholz.”

OK. Maybe that one I should have forgotten…

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