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The Boston sports market is not a place for the meek of heart, or one who cannot multitask. With the extra long seasons, over-lapping is a common occurrence. Throw in the speculation surrounding various contract negotiations, as well as your NBA and NFL Drafts, and you have enough material to chew on until your head explodes. Seeing as I’m not quite through using it (my head, that is), and that I wouldn’t want to leave that mess for someone else to clean up, I’m going to make a few comments on some of what’s been going on locally.


David Ortiz
Have the sox drawn the ire of MLB officials? (Getty Images)

One reoccurring theme of the roller coaster ride that has been their 2014 season, has been their trouble with MLB officials. Whether it be the game umpires, some replay guy back in NYC, or the Home Office itself, those in positions of authority seem like they have done their best to save their worst for Boston. The hub-bub over three or four blown replay calls had just about been forgotten when we had the mess that was the recent Sox/Rays, David Price affair. Not only did the game officials badly handle it that night–with four Boston ejections to none for Tampa Bay–MLB compound it by fining and suspending Red Sox pitcher Brandon Workman. They finally saved some face with a “make-up call” of a fine against Price. If anyone has earned the right to admire his own work it’s David Ortiz. I think his credentials as a hitter of dramatic home runs has earned him that right. So for Price to take such offense is clearly out of line. I have to confess to the fact that I’m enoying the Rays’ current misery more than if it was happening to the Yankees. At least New York you can respect the way they conduct themselves; the Rays, not so much.


Jimmy Garoppolo
How did one little draft pick cause such a stir? (Chris Anderson/Icon SMI)

There has been a great deal of heated discussion around here as to whether or not the Pats wasted their second round pick drafting QB Jimmy Garoppolo. The 36 year old Tom Brady (37 in August) has stated that he wants to play into his forties. Although I have no doubt that he will have the competitive fire to do it, history tells us it’s unlikely his skills will hold up that long. I for one was glad that the Pats drafted a potential replacement who hopefully will benefit from three or four years of playing behind Brady, won’t resent it and will be ready to go when he gets his chance.  All the talk this week as to whether or not Brady is still a “Top 5” quarterback helped to fan the flames of this discussion. I realize that this kind of discussion is one that the talk media thrives on, but I find it annoying. There are so many factors that go into the success of a QB that to suggest that they are in it as single performers is silly. I’m looking to the Pats to have a successful offensive year this time around, as Brady should benefit from more time with his young receiving corp and a beefed up and healthier O-line.


Kevin Love
Is a new “Big Three” in the works in Boston? (Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports)

The most interesting rumor surrounding the C’s has Danny Ainge creating a new “Big Three” consisting of Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony, and Rajon Rondo. Although it’s an intriguing one, I wonder as to whether or not the Celtics have all the assets needed to pull that off. They hold the 6th and 17th selections in the draft; but do they have enough on the roster to interest the Timberwolves and Knicks? In addition, the possibility that the Knicks would trade within the division seems remote at best. Personally, I’ve never forgiven Ainge for trading away Kendrick Perkins back in 2010. The C’s had a legitimate shot at another title and lost it when they sent Perkins, who was the muscle behind Garnett’s mouth, to OKC.


Tyler Seguin
What kinds of changes do the B’s need to make? (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sport)

As you can imagine, there was great unhappiness with the way the Bruins exited the playoffs. Even though it was revealed after the fact that both Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic had suffered hand injuries that affected their play, there was still a cry for major changes. That seems unlikely to happen, but a consistent scorer would be helpful. A couple of 37 goal scorers like Phil Kessel or Tyler Seguin (pictured above) jump to mind. Whatever the case, the B’s have to realize that (A) you want to save your best hockey for May and not March, and (2) the kind of rough play that is successful in the regular season doesn’t translate to post season success. Look for a few relatively minor signings this off season.

Post Script:

Rest in Peace, Don Zimmer, you will be missed.


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