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Jerry weighs in on The Red Sox controversy as well as Theo Epstein and the great Lolo Jones, who have all taken hits in the media of late.


It seems to me, that it would be virtually impossible for even the most casual of observers to not know of the the current rather embarrasing state of the Boston Red Sox. Every news, fake-news, and entertainment outlet and/or network has been running it on a regular bases all week long. They particularily like to feature the ‘Michael Corleone, “I know it was you, Fredo!” like kiss’, that Bobby Valentine laid on Dustin Pedroia before the first game of the Baltimore series. So I won’t punish you by rehashing the events of this tiresome chapter in Red Sox history. I will, however, make the observation that it is indeed the reputation of Dustin Pedroia, that has taken the biggest hit in this saga.Once herald as the heir to the coveted “Dirt-Dog” title that Trot Nixon, wore so well, Pedroia now is being thought of by many as just another spoiled ball player. I felt a pivotal moment in all this happened on Patriot’s Day, last April, after Bobby V. made the comment that Kevin Youkilis didn’t seem to be into the game the way he had been in the past. Pedroia made the now infamous “That’s not the way we do things here.”, reply in defense of Youk, and it seemed to help set a negative tone for the rest of the season. If you think back, you’ll recall that the Sox had just started turning things around, but somehow got dragged back down because of the Youkilis flap; and have continued that pattern ever since. Maybe a slightly more thoughtfully crafted response by Pedroia, and the situation is defused and a season is saved.  (I think they call it leadership.)


Theo’s reputation in Boston continues to fall. (thefanmanifesto)

I wouldn’t have thought that Theo Epstein’s baseball reputation in ‘The Hub’, could get much more damaged. But between his recent defending of his questionable signings (Lackey, Drew, et al) on the pressure of winning in Boston, and then to have Dan Duquette help turn the Orioles around…….well, it has. There are a great many in Red Sox Nation who have come to believe that the success of the Sox from ’04 through ’07, had more to do with the organizational foundation that Duquette had created, then it did with Theo’s contributions. I think that Duquette’s success in Baltimore, gives credence to this line of reasoning. Obviously, Buck Showalter deserves a large amount of credit as well. As of this writing, Baltimore has a game and half lead in the wild card race.  This is not the first time Buck has helped to turn a franchise around.  Maybe this time he’ll get a chance to finish the job.


Does no gold really mean no success for Lolo? (Hellobeautiful)

The viciousness with which a great many athletes and writers attacked Lolo Jones after she did not medal in the Olympics has been well documented and adequatedly defended. The hit that I thought deserves some defending, was the one taken by Anna Kournikova in that now oft mentioned New York Times article. In it Jones is compared to Kournikova in that they are both attractive women who receive plenty of attention, but have never won anything. It’s already been pointed out by a great many that, although she’s not won Gold, Jones has been very successful and is the American record holder in her event. Likewise, it should also be remembered that as a teenager, Kournikova was highly regarded as a tennis player, and actually was ranked as high as 8th, in the world. Her speciality became doubles, as she and Martina Hingis won 16 titles and were ranked number one in 1999, and 2002.

At any rate,  I doubt that Jones and Kournikova are going to be the last athletes, male or female, to make more from endorsements and being celebrities, then they did from their competitions. That’s not just my opinion, that’s reality………..

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