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Jerry brings us all the way to E Street with his latest ramblings.


I suppose I shouldn’t be quoting someone who everyone knows is a serious New York fan, but I believe this song from THE BOSS’s ‘Tunnel of Love” album sums up how I feel about the Sox’s 2012 season. Every time they start to build up a little momentum, put a little streak together, and actually claw their way out of the cellar, they find another way of stalling out and falling back. The only reason that they haven’t managed to totally bury themselves is that no one ahead of them in the wild card race, with the possible exception of Oakland, is playing much better than .500 ball themselves. Even the ‘Mighty, Mighty Yankees’ (with whom the Sox have nine more games) seem like they have lost focus, and can’t wait for the regular season to be done.  (By the way, has anyone else notice how well Seattle, who the Yanks take on next, has been playing since “The Trade”?) (Jobu’s Note: No.)

There has been a renewed bit of excitement in the Hub of late, as the Sox are currently riding a four game winning streak, and actually managed to put together respectable series against Texas, New York, and Detroit. Of course, if you take too close a look at it you realize they were helped by a bloop single, a misplayed triple, and a suspiciously shortened rain soaked win. You know people are getting moderately desperate when  Jon Lester gives up two walks and a home run in the same inning and the reaction is, “Well, at least he’s doing better….” Not the reaction you should have at this point in the season about the pitcher who is supposed to be your stopper. Fortunately Clay Buchholz has started to pitch with some authority of late, and is for all practical purposes, their number one starter. The concern with him is whether or not he can hold up physically, since he’s not exactly build like a horse in the way Josh Beckett is; although I suppose you could say that Buchholz more closely resembles a thoroughbred, while Beckett, appropriately enough, a clydesdale…..

Anyway, I realize that there is still two months of baseball left, and stranger things have happened, but the Sox need to come up with a consistent, act and soon. They need to realize that this is their, “last chance power drive,” and that Ellsbury and Crawford were truly “BORN TO RUN”. If they don’t develop more of a “HUNGRY HEART’, then the only loud cheering in Fenway this month will be when Springsteen sets up in centerfield in a couple of weeks. As for me, rather then listening to Bobby V. sing the blues, I’d rather see “The Boss”, in the endzone at Gillette, with about 40,000 of my closest friends. If I’m going to pay $40 to park, I wanted to be guaranteed plenty of hits.


Aly, Raisman Someone we can all be proud of. (Gregory Bull/AP)

In contrast to the feeling of frustration that the Red Sox are generating in Boston fans these days, is the one of pride and respect being generated for the 18 year old captain of the women’s U.S. Olympics gymnastic team, Aly Raisman of Needham, MA. (Located just outside of Boston.) I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the focus, maturity, and leadership this young lady has displayed, while still performing with the whole world watching, in the blazing spotlight of the Olympics. I was pleased that NBC, whose coverage has been a bit spotty at times, chose to highlight her importance to the Gold medal success of the team, not just as an athlete but as a steady, calming influence with her teammates. Now if there was just a way that we could get Josh Beckett to understand what leadership and dedication looks like, maybe we could be proud of him again, too!

Featured image courtesy of: Greg M. Cooper/US Presswire

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