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Jerry discusses the Bruins first round success, Tiger Woods and even Theo Epstein makes an appearance.

The old adage of something being better late than never, was never truer than last Monday night at the TD (or as they called it in Toronto- the GD) Garden. Although I will allow my fellow fans of the Black and Gold to believe it was a matter of heart and true grit showing through, we both know that it was bunch of guys collectively realizing at the same moment, that their jobs were on the line. Milan Lucic, to his credit, admitted as much in his post game interview.

But regardless of what motivated them to finally kick it into gear, be it pride or job security, it was still a moment that demonstrates that hockey can be the most unique and exciting of sports. And, I have to admit… I didn’t watch it! (Hey, Monday night is a big night on the SyFy Channel.) I started to, but when the Leafs scored their second goal so quickly into the 3rd period, I decided that I couldn’t bear to watch it. Although it hasn’t been brought up that much in the post victory euphoria, it was only about three years ago when the Bruins were guilty of blowing a three goal lead in a game 7, after blowing a three game series lead to the Flyers. So I said to myself, “Thank you, but I’ve already seen this act before”, and switched the channel. I kept checking the score, and was completely convinced that they were dead when it got to 4-1. When they started to claw their way back into it, I figured that they were doing so well without me, that I would surely jinx them if I started watching again, so I didn’t.

Lucic and the Bruins got by the Leafs in 7. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Lucic and the Bruins got by the Leafs in 7. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

One way or another, I was pleased to see that it was Patrice Bergeron and Milan Lucic, who helped to spark the comeback and overtime victory. Bergeron has been plagued by concussions, and you can’t help but fear that the next big hit could end his career, so it’s good to see him make the big plays. Lucic, reminds me of a somewhat bigger Cam Neely (6’4″ 220, to Neely’s 6’1″ 200) but they are both the rugged winger type, truly the prototype of the “Big Bad Bruin”, and both real joys to watch when they are on their games. Lucic has been stuggling this year, so hopefully this is just what he needs to be a force in the rest of the playoffs… Playoffs that should last at least two more series, as I’m predicting that the B’s will use this momentum to get past the Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist, in another seven game series. Because, apparently, the Bruins only know how to play a series that last seven games….


What on earth is going on with Tiger lately? (Getty Images)
What on earth is going on with Tiger lately? (Getty Images)

What’s with Tiger Woods? Is he going to turn into that annoying competitor who has to make a distraction of himself when things are getting close? Last weekend he had to get a club out when Garcia was about to make a shot, and at the Masters it was the illegal drop. What bothers me the most was that he had to lie about not actually checking with the marshalls first. I can’t believe that the companies he has endorsement deals with are going to be pleased if his honesty continues to be challenged. This could come back to haunt him.


Masterson leads a parade of successful former Red Sox. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Masterson leads a parade of successful former Red Sox. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Sox fans had a couple of reminders this past week on how the “genius” of Theo continues to haunt them. On Monday, Justin Masterson, the 28 year old pitcher that they traded to the Indians for Victor Martinez, threw a complete game, 1-0 shut out of the Yankees. Masterson is 6-2 this year. Following that, the Cubs signed the 23 year old Anthony Rizzo to a 7 year, $41 million extention. In case you forgot, Rizzo was the prospect that the Sox traded to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez. Granted, the Cubs are basing the signing on what is essentially a half season plus a month, but you have to think the kid (.280, 8 homers in April) would look pretty good at first base at Fenway right about now.

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