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Dixie has had enough of the Drew Brees contract negotiations, and she’s not going to be shy about it.

I come to you today not as fashionista but as a Saints fan and proud member of the Who Dat Nation. That’s right y’all, I bleed black and gold. It is a love affair that began as a child way back to the coaching days of Jim Mora. It has survived hate, scorn, hurricanes, and the dark days of Mike Ditka. I watched in awe for the first game played in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina and cheered along with the entire city of New Orleans for the glorious Superbowl XLIV win. Seeing Drew Brees lift baby Baylen in the air still brings tears to my eyes. Lately a shadow of darkness has begun to spread across my beloved Saints; a scandal which will not be named. Yet my heart forever belongs to Deuce Mcallister and I will always want to be in that number. But today I am using my sports fashion soapbox to say: “Are you freaking kidding me ??!?!?!!??!”

Why the hell has Drew Brees not been signed yet? Seriously? You haven’t signed the 2011 NFL Offensive Player of the Year; the man who broke the 27 year old record for most passing yards in a single season? Really? Do I need to go on? Did you forget that Superbowl win? Just checking, because apparently someone missed the “Drew Brees Is Awesome” memo.

Now… I don’t know the first thing about the business end of sports and contract negotiations, etc.  However, I think former Saints Safety Darren Sharper sums it up nicely :

“It still baffles me every day I wake up and I don’t see, on the bottom line, a new contract for Drew Brees. I’m just confused as to why the guy that has led this organization has not been given a contract extension so he can be on board for years to come. … You just have never seen this happen to a franchise quarterback and Drew is a franchise quarterback in every sense of the word. Have you ever heard of Tom Brady going through a contract, stalled talks, that have taken this long. Peyton Manning? Aaron Rodgers? Phillip Rivers? … None of these guys have ever had to deal with a franchise tag and had to play out the last year of their contract and then go into the offseason.” (

This is unprecedented, and other quarterbacks of Drew Brees’s caliber wouldn’t have to go through this crap. So what now ? A franchise tag? We don’t want this franchise tag crap! Hell, Drew Brees doesn’t want it either. Doesn’t the man deserve better? Sure, if he gets the $21 million he is asking for, he will be the highest paid quarterback in NFL history. But let’s look at the facts: injured Peyton Manning makes about 19.2 million a year. Isn’t a younger,  perfectly healthy quarterback worth more?

So whats the deal? Like I mentioned before I don’t know much about the business end of sports. But this is what I do know: The Saints organization is in some serious trouble right now, and Brees is the best thing they have going. It’s a well known fact that Drew Brees is the heart and soul of the team, and without him we wouldn’t be where we are today. We don’t call him Breesus Christ for nothing.  So please, Im begging. Just sign him! Don’t leave us in the dark with Chase Daniels. We need our savior. We need Drew Brees.

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