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Clu’s at it again. This week, he takes on the King of Golf, Tiger Woods!

The latest rant right here, everyone! Now usually when I have something to discuss, I talk about sports like college football, basketball, college hockey, and I sometimes dive into MLB here and there. But I am trying to reach out to now readers all the time, so here’s my latest attempt to do so. I sat down this past weekend and watched a little bit of Golf. Yes, that is right… I do enjoy swinging the clubs every once in a while. I don’t claim to be any good but it can be entertaining…Don’t judge me! Instead, let’s all judge Tiger Woods!

With that being said, I watched a little bit of the PGA Tour’s Players Championship. I mean hey, Tiger was doing alright, and it was a very competitive field…and the winner took home a cool $5 million. Not bad, right? Wish I could get 10% of those earnings. Anywho, once it had been all wrapped up, the sports world had a situation on its hands between Tiger and Sergio Garcia. For those of you who are not Golf aficionados (and by all means I do not claim to be), on Saturday, Tiger Woods was paired with Sergio Garcia. Both players were in contention for the top spot, and both players are somewhat rivals and they do not like one another. I’ll get to their storied past later…..

Look at these guys. Best of friends. (Gerald Herbert/AP)
Look at these guys. Best of friends. (Gerald Herbert/AP)

The situation occured on the second hole, when a voracious roar erupted from the crowd that surrounded Tiger while he was getting ready to go for his second shot, which was located in some serious shrubbery. This noise coincidentally occured while Sergio was lining up to take his shot. The “ear deafening” roar caused him to shank it badly. He wasn’t a happy Spaniard. When Tiger emerged from the rough, Sergio had some not so kind words for him. The two didn’t really speak for the rest of the round. The round was then ultimately delayed due to the weather and they would finish their round Sunday morning. The next day, the media had a field day with the whole fiasco. ESPN was all over it, bringing in every God-forsaken senior golf analyst and correspondent they could round up to give an expert opinion about what Sergio said… and then what Tiger would say. Tiger would later go onto say that he was told by the on-site course marshal that it was ok for him to take his shot. So in your face Sergio!

But was he just saying that to cover his own ass because he’s Tiger Woods? The on-site course marshals have denied ever giving Tiger the OK to swing, claiming that they’re not even allowed to talk to the golfers during tournaments. Was Sergio right for blowing up at him? Yeah he was. It was technically Sergio’s shot and the sports broadcasters clearly pointed that out. It is no secret that these two players do not like each other, as they have a storied past. When Sergio was 20, he beat Tiger in a televised exhibiton round of golf at the “Battle of Bighorn.” Once he had won, Sergio celebrated like he had just won the masters. I’m sure that didn’t sit well with Tiger. And of course there was the text that Tiger had sent to a friend saying he had “Bludgeoned Tweety Bird,” referring to the all-yellow getup that Sergio Garcia was wearing during the final round of the 2006 British Open.

My take on this whole fiasco? Is there really a fiasco here? I don’t think so. It sounds more like Sergio being a big cry baby more than anything. I mean yes, I agree that he did have the right away to take his swing, but oh well! There was a mishap, stop crying about it. Worry about your game, not your opponent’s. Tiger obviously did not pay any mind to it, I mean, he did win the whole thing, so that speaks for itself. In regards to Tiger, this has not been the first incident where he has had a run in with other players on the tour. He is not well liked in the clubhouse by fellow golfers, which is a shame because for a guy who has gone under the microscope the way that he has in the past few years, he should do everything in his power to change his image.

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