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Commissioner Jobu has given me opportunity to show my skills at the next level of sports journalism, the NFL. That’s right folks, Big League Clu is going pro! My first task at hand is to break down all the happenings and whereabouts of  that other team that plays in New Jersey. No, I don’t mean the New Jersey Devils! I am talking, of course, about the forgotten team… the New York Jets. I now have the daunting task of breaking down all of their efforts thus far as we near the midway point of the season.

What a week the Jets just had, eh? They started off hosting the 666th MNF game, at which Tim Tebow had to say a prayer to keep the hell demons away (**Interesting Note: Sanchez, who wears number 6, had a 66.6 QB rating going into that game, with 6 TDs, 6 INTs and a season long pass of 66 yards). The prayers didn’t help, as Arian Foster ran for 152 yards and a TD, and the Texans won big at Metlife Stadium. On Sunday, the Jets decided to stick to the ground and pound themselves, and Shonn Greene ran for 160 yards and 3 TDs, as the Jets shocked the CBS announcers and even their own fans with the blowout win. While Tebow and Sanchez played well, the star of the show was clearly Shonn Greene.

The win managed to mask the big problem the Jets have been having this season, which is the corps of wide receivers they’re putting on the filed every Sunday. I’m pretty sure I have a chance of making their practice squad at this point, to be quite honest. I mean, can you name one guy on the depth chart right now? (without looking you cheater!!) With star WR Santonio Holmes done for the season, who else is Mark Sanchez going to overthrow the ball to?

Do the Jets not remember this guy’s 8 TDs in 2011? (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Now for my question… Why haven’t Woody Johnson and the Jets reached out to some potential superstars who are just BEGGING for a chance to play?? T.O. tweets that he is ready and eager to play! Just look here… What about Plaxico, Or even Chad “the artist formerly known as Ocho-cinco” Johnson?? All three of these players are available, ready to play and looking for work! I say, why not? I guess the Jets’ GM just seems to care more about Mitt Romney winning the Presidential Election than putting together a winning football team in the Meadowlands. Let’s see you weasel your way out of this one Woody!

So what’s my solution? I feel that perhaps, just perhaps, that the Jets should collectively put together $10-12 million dollars and kindly walk up to any of these 3 players and say “Hey! you want to play for us? Here’s half your money. If you do well, you’ll get the rest of it at the end of the year. THAT’S IT! They could easily go out and sign Plax, Ocho and or TO for nothing. I know that I may get some heat for bringing up the idea of Terrell Owens playing for the Jets, but really? I mean think about it… what do they have to lose? You can’t sit here and tell me that these practice squad players that they have right now playing on Sundays are better than anyone of those superstars who are practically begging for a contract.

Now with that being said, will Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum read this post and take my advise? Probably not, but if he were a smart guy he would! The Jets sit at 3-3 after reeling off an impressive victory over the Colts. They have a shot at standing alone in first place in the AFC East, as they head to New England to take on the Patriots this Sunday and host the Dolphins in week eight. Will they win both, maybe work a split and go to 4-4, or completely fall off the face of the earth and drop to 3-5. As they are heading into the bye week in week nine, these games are huge for the Jets. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Gang Green… I’m hoping for the best, so here’s to hoping.

Featured image courtesy of: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

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