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Papa Wheelie deals with life in first place, and a big personnel loss heading into Week 10.

After weeks of staring at numbers, scheming to get better players, looking at endless point spreads and reading between the lines on news and injury reports, I’ve finally hit the top of the league at the office. The goal has always been to win this season, but being that this league is not a paying one, half the competitors are only half interested in playing, and the others have left their lineups the same for the last three weeks.  Nevertheless it looks like my strategy is paying off a bit on my position. However, after making all of these moves, it’s starting to look a little thin on the free agent list, at least for quality players. Then the bomb dropped.

Waking up this morning, I heard some disturbing news. It looks like Aaron Rodgers could be out for a few weeks or months with a broken collarbone. My wife looked at me as I shouted my favorite expletive and asked me, “What’s Wrong!?” I explained to her the news that was just belted out on the radio and she rolled her eyes and continued to get ready for her day. But this could be devastating news for me, being that Rodgers has been one of my most consistent scorers, and consistency really has been the difference between winning and losing. This consistency is what I need coming into some key match-ups this week, and the following weeks to finish out the season. Of course everything is still too early to tell, but it looks like it will be a bit tougher from here on out.

My running game is not as bad as I once thought it was, as both Giovani Bernard and Zac Stacy had pretty big games in week 9. My top flight wide receivers haven’t really got much love lately though, as some of their match-ups have been tough against passing games. The Defense/Special Teams slots for me are always one and two in the league, but lately I’ve been just getting the picks wrong. Honestly, who would have thought that the big defense of the Seattle Seahawks would have only walked away with two points against Tampa Bay? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, but no reason to panic now. I do get concerned when the best in the league start to lose their luster. Overall, I just need to make a couple moves to trim the fat from the team, but the final weeks should be interesting. More to come.

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Born from wolves and raised on methanol, Papa Wheelie comes from a long line of motor-heads and adrenaline junkies. Formula 1 and MotoGP are his sports passion, but he also enjoys fine tequila, electronic music and furry animals. You can reach him on Twitter @PapaWheelie11

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