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Here at Jobu’s Rum we encourage everyone to write in if they feel like they want to express themselves. Usually our own Dr. Draft will contribute a post or two throughout the season, and we love it when he graces us with his knowledge. We are truly blessed to have the following post from this professor of draftology. For those of you reading this who aren’t in our fantasy league, read it anyway. His knowledge might enlighten you The opinions of Dr. Draft do not in any way reflect those of Jobu’s Rum… Ok so i agree with most of it. But I didn’t write it, in case anyone gets mad. Don’t be sore at me! Anywho, on with the show.

Good evening bitches! And welcome to Dr. Draft’s first ever pre-draft strength of schedule rankings!

I know what you’re thinking. How can anyone possibly create a system that can assess the difficulty of this year’s schedule without the teams having been drafted yet? Well, the answer is simple. I’m Dr. Draft mother fuckers!

I’ve created a system that ranks each individual in the league based on four categories. These categories are: drafting ability, player knowledge, Add/Drops, and previous performance. I’ve used the results of the past 3 seasons in order to determine each member’s fantasy baseball skills. As for the newbies, sorry guys, this is like the Jersey Shore house. You have to earn respect around the league before you can be taken seriously.

Each player matches up against four opponents three times throughout the course of the season (and twice against everyone else). Basically, the difficulty of your season is based on whether or not you have to face the more elite league members three times as opposed to two. Of course, we even haven’t drafted yet and, therefore, nothing is set in stone. However, you may want to use this as a reference/guideline when studying for the draft. For instance, those of you who are new to the league may want to put in a little extra studying time before the draft knowing you may have to face the tougher opponents more often during the season. Anyway, it’s time for your pre-draft strength of schedule rankings!

(Ranking: 1=Hardest Fantasy Baseball Schedule, 10=Easiest Fantasy Baseball Schedule)

1) Kevin! – You got the toughest schedule. Sorry buddy. You have to face three elders, three times. Perhaps you should ask Santa for a new schedule this year.

2) Polish Lord and Master (Jeff) – Also very tough. You face two elders (The V-Unit and myself), Dave, and the new guy, Brian. Looks like you’ll have to continue to hold on to that 3 C’s championship from 10 years ago because you certainly won’t be winning this league.

3) Brian – I don’t have any clever names for you cause I don’t know you. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you start off the season by facing Marc, Martin, and myself. One bright spot is that Marc’s team will be terrible following the draft so you’ll probably be 12-0 after the first week.

4) Rothy (Mike) – You’ve got to face two elders and two regulars. You may want to take Marty’s advice and let the CPU draft your team for you.

5) Tony Bag O’ Doughnuts (Tony) – Not totally horrible. You’ve got the V-Unit in week 3, and a quality regular, Dave, in week 4, but some unproven players before that.

6) Commissioner Vagina (Marty AKA Jobu) – Congratulations! You win the award of facing the best damn fantasy player of all time in week 1. Prepare for a rocky start…..

7) Matthew V – I’m looking forward to your week 1 match up with Jeff. You were once good friends, but who will come out on top? Hopefully neither of you.

8) Marcus – Bad news buddy. You don’t face me 3 times so you’ll have to actually earn your victories instead of getting lucky like last season.

9) Fantasy Stud (Steve AKA Dr. Draft) – No worries here. Anyone who gets in my path will be destroyed!

10) DDP (Dave) – Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Again, we haven’t even drafted yet. Therefore, these rankings are relatively meaningless. I also don’t know exactly how the new guys (Jeff, Brian, and Kevin) will pan out. However, through discussions will other elders, and direct discussions with the new league members themselves, I do have some knowledge regarding their abilities. For instance, Martin keeps telling me that Brian has continuously been doing mock drafts, so I gave him a moderate/high draft rating score. In any event, our draft is approximately 15 days from now so time will tell who will have the best/worst team.

Also, along with my annual draft grades, I will reveal the post-draft strength of schedule, one category strength/weakness for each team, and my final standings predictions. Good luck and I look forward to seeing all of you bitches in the draft room!

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