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If you’ve been with me long enough, then you know that “hublets” are what I call my smallish chunks of thoughts and observations regarding the Boston sports market. Sometimes I use them as a way of getting caught up, other times I use them when I can’t focus on one topic. This time is a combination of both. Here goes.





I think as Americans, we tend to assume that if a person is successful at business they are likely fairly intelligent and will likely be successful at other aspects of their life. I have to say as of late both the NFL owners, as well as the Red Sox ownership, have proven that isn’t necessarily true. It has come out recently that a group of  owners, including those of the Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, and Saints, have been supporting Commissioner Goodell in his current efforts to suspend Tom Brady because they feel the Pats were not punished enough for past issues, including “Spygate”. I get there isn’t much sympathy outside of New England for Brady and the Pats, but acting like a bunch of jealous teenagers can’t be a good way to run a league. To me, this is just another example of how the NFL is “Fool-proof,” and that’s a good thing because it obviously has a bunch of fools running it. I’m including Robert Kraft in that, as he has watched the guy he helped make commissioner essentially carry out the whims of his rivals. If I was Kraft, I would keep my mouth shut and start planning, along with the four or five lesser owners who have supported him, Goodell’s overthrow.





As for the Sox, John Henry and his gang managed to look bad (as if back to back last place finishes wasn’t enough) by having the announcement that Dave Dombrowski was joining them, right in the middle of the Jimmy Fund Telethon fundraiser, which also happened to be the day that manager John Farrell was receiving his first chemotherapy. If you weren’t aware, the Jimmy Fund is a charity the Sox (and Ted Williams) have long been associated with, aimed at curing childhood cancers. They followed that up about a week later by letting it slip out, that long time play by play man Don Orsillo’s contract would not be renewed. Although no real explanation was ever really given, it was made to sound like they were blaming him for NESN’s slip in the ratings, ignoring the fact that it might actually have something to do with the product they’ve been putting on the field.





It’s not all that satisfying, but with back to back series against New York teams, the Red Sox have the opportunity to slow down the post season drives of the Mets and Yankees. The Mets really have no competition in the NL East, but it was still nice to see the Sox take two of three the weekend the Mets decided to remember their 1986 World Series victory over Boston. I suppose if you are a Mets fan that’s all you have to hang onto since they hadn’t haven’t won since then. The Yanks come to Fenway after putting up football scores up against the Falcons, I mean Braves. It’ll be interesting to see if the Sox pitching can slow down Stephen Drew, who’s coming off a “perfect game” against Atlanta. Now that’s something I never thought I’d say…





The New England Revolution’s recent 1-0 win over the Philadelphia Union on a goal by Diego Fagundez, put them over .500 for the first time in nearly three months. The Revolution is unbeaten over their last five games (4-0-1) and now stand at 10-9-7. The last time I wrote about them they were coming off a similar unbeaten stretch which had left them at 4-2-2. If memory serves me right, it was shortly after that that they lost midfielder Jermaine Jones to injury. Well, he’s back, but they are going to lose him again for their next game, but this time it’s to the National team for their game against Peru. Let’s hope he stays healthy.

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