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Jobu weighs in on the bitterest of the bitter, the sad Patriots fans.

Let me start this post out by saying this. I am not, I repeat, I am not making a blanket statement about every existing Patriots fan in Boston, New England or the rest of America. I would never do such a thing, because I know many classy and rational Patriots fans. This post is dedicated to the crybabies. You know who you are. Grab a baba and wait till next year like everyone else (well, except for us Giants fans).

I mean, honestly… Has there ever been a more pathetic outcry of bitterness from a fan base who watched their team finish 13-3, and come up one bounce short of a Super Bowl Championship? Ask Colts fans how they feel about this season before you go crying to your local AM Sports talk station.

The ridiculousness I have heard and read includes (but is not limited to) firing Bill Belichick, trading Tom Brady (are you kidding me?), and even getting rid of Wes Welker. According to some Boston sports writers (and twitter idiots), Brady is a clown who choked and blew the game. Belichick is now suddenly the worst coach ever, and Wes Welker has no hands (None!).

Brady went 27-41 with 274 yards and 2 TDs in the game. He also put up 17 straight points when the Patriots were down 9-0 (including TDs on two straight drives), broke a Super Bowl record by completing sixteen straight passes, and came within a couple of feet of winning the game on a Hail Mary as the clock expired. He also has three Super Bowl rings already (remember those?), and he’s a no doubt, 100%, first-ballot Hall of Famer. He’s the best quarterback in franchise history (despite my love for Steve Grogan), and one of the best of all-time. He also put up the second most yards in NFL history this year with 5,235 and led the team to ten straight wins before this Sunday (remember? no?). I hope you’re getting quite a haul in that trade you’re clamoring for, Pats fans.

I think Welker feels bad enough without all the Butterfingers jokes. Don’t you?

Belichick, meanwhile, has coached Tom Brady to those three Super Bowl rings and five Super Bowl appearances overall (not ringing a bell?). While the Patriots didn’t have the typical Belichick defense this season, they managed to hold a very powerful Giants offense to just 21 points, something that only the 49ers had been able to do during their six game winning streak to end the year. Don’t get me wrong, Belichick (and Brady) are two of the main reasons I hate the Patriots, but that’s only because they’re not on the Giants. I wouldn’t trade Coughlin and Manning for anybody right now, but if I had one of the greatest QB/coach combinations in the history of the game on my team, I’d be a little more appreciative.

That brings us to Wes Welker. Terrible, awful, sinfully un-clutch Wes Welker. While his “drop” may have put into motion the events that eventually won this game for the Giants, should we really be dumping hundreds of Butterfinger bars on the streets of Boston in his effigy? This is the same Wes Welker that led the league in receptions this year. And in 2009. And in 2007 (nothing jarring in the old noggin?). He’s caught over 100 passes every year since joining the team, except for last year (when he was hurt). He’s easily one of the most reliable receivers in the NFL. He also “dropped” a pass he would have needed to haul in while jumping, spinning and reaching over his opposite shoulder. Release the bum! Let him catch 122 passes and set a career high of 1,539 receiving yards for someone else because Ochocinco could have done the same thing!

I would like to point out that there are 32 teams in the NFL. Only two make the Super Bowl, and only one can be champion. Can we all stop our crying? Can we stop pointing fingers? Can we just shut up and take the loss like men (or women, if it applies)? You got beat. Your overachieving team got beaten a team that caught fire at the right time and overachieved better than you. On top of that, the Patriots have two first-round picks this April, and four picks in the first two rounds combined. It’s probably better to just get yourselves four quality players and come back in 2012 as the favorites again (Vegas already has them picked most-likely to win the Super Bowl next year).

Seriously, wipe those tears, put down the booze, take a deep breath and relax. It’s one game. When two top teams play each other, anything can happen. It just so happens that the same thing has happened twice in four years (kind of mind boggling, actually). If you want to give yourselves something to be miserable about (and I know that you dooooo), call it a curse. Call your players awful. Demand that the front office fire them all. Hey, maybe in 86 years you’ll beat the Giants in another Super Bowl and everyone can shut up again.

Fan image courtesy of: Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images
Welker image courtesy of: Elsa/Getty Images

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