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I’ve got a cord of firewood sitting outside my window that needs to be stacked, a wedding to go to, 10th and 11th graders waiting to be taught personal finance and a Thursday night game to watch. So, I’m just going to throw a lot of stuff at you and hope that some of it sticks. Hang on.





Up to last Sunday, if you put those two words together, I would have associated them with the 1960’s folk singer, and not with the quarterback of the New England Patriots. Let’s face it, as improved as Brady’s mobility seems to have gotten in his “old” age, no one would have ever seriously figured he would be his team’s leading rusher for a game. Granted, 15 yards isn’t exactly a Russell Wilson-esque performance, but although it was his team’s best against the Jets, it was much more of an indication of their total dedication to the pass than anything else.


Brady threw 54 times in their 30-23 victory, completing 34 of them for 355 yards and 2TDs. In the 4th quarter alone, he was 14/17, as he led the Pats back from a 20-16 deficit. He was helped considerably by an incredible catch by Danny Amendola (8 catches 86 yards/ 1 TD) on a 3rd and 17, (Amendola, by the way, had the outstanding game I predicted he would). Rob Gronkowski had his usual game, with 11 catches for 108 yards and a touchdown. On the other hand, Patriots fans have to be a little concerned about Julian Edelman, who only racked up 54 yards on 5 catches. It remains to be seen if that was the result of the injured fingers, the coverage of Darrelle Revis or both.


Also, Jamie Collins, who had everyone talking after last week’s game when leaped the line to block a PAT, was almost this week’s goat when he let the Jets late game onside kick go through him allowing them to recover and have one last attempt at a win.





Yes, I know they’re mammals and not fish, but the Patriots’ Thursday night match up against the rejuvenated Dolphins is certainly an interesting one. Miami always seems to play the Pats tough, particularly down there, and with the signing of Ndamukong Suh, and the fact that he will be going up against taxi squad graduate, Cameron Fleming,  you would expect that it would be even tougher. I’m still going to predict a Pats’ victory, but am concerned that the injuries, including RB Dion Lewis, DE Jabaal Sheard, and OL Marcus Cannon, may comeback to haunt them. As I said, I’m predicting that the Pats will win, let’s say by 10, but in case I don’t finish this in time and you don’t see it until after the game, and they don’t win. Then, never mind…





You must know by now that I am obligated to root against the following: 1) Any team from New York, including those who actually play in New Jersey, and/or any team coached by Rex Ryan. 2) Any team from Los Angeles, and 3) Any team managed by Joe Madden. So as you can imagine, the baseball preseason has been, at times, difficult for me. You would think things would be easy for me now that the Mets are in the World Series, thereby making Kansas City my preferred winner. But, maybe not, not if a Mets’ victory might actually get them and their fans to finally let go of 1986. People, it’s been nearly 30 years! The Red Sox have won 3, count them 3, Championships! You’ve barely been back. If you promise to come back to the future, I might consider…Who am I kidding…


Royals in seven.

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