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Stop me if you have heard this before, but this working full time is not only cutting into my nap time, but my blogging time as well. Given the starting time and the length of some of the ALCS and World Series games, combined with the fact that I’m up around 6:oo AM, you can understand why the nap time is so important to me. The good news is I’m only doing the full time thing for another week or two, the bad news is that the Series will be over by then, unless of course the Sox win it, then it will all be good. Actually, my reason for bringing up my employment status was to explain why I was going to try to be briefer then usual, although so far that hasn’t actually worked.

Anyway, allow me to get back on track: Do I expect the Red Sox to win? Of course I do, but the number of games they do it in, and possibly whether or not they do it at all, may very well depend on the outcome of Game Two.  (Which should be starting just about when I finish this.) I say this because I continue to be concerned about Boston’s starting pitching, and without a strong outing by John Lackey to follow up on Jon Lester‘s outstanding Game One performance, the Sox could be in a pickle.

It appears that Clay Buchholz is feeling “fatigue” in his shoulder, and has been pushed back to Game Three, although given the season long struggles of the Cards against left-handers, there is speculation that Felix Doubront may actually get the start instead of Buchholz. Time will tell as well, as what John Farrell will do with David Ortiz and Mike Napoli. Which one of those bats do you take out of the line up? I’m guessing that Napoli plays in two of the three NL games, likely Games Three and Five, but don’t quote me on that. (Actually you can quote me, just make sure it’s Jerry with a “J”.)

I would expect that St Louis will have gotten it’s act together for Game Two and it should be an all-around better played game. ( I have a theory that the ghosts of baseball past are hovering about Fenway, whispering, “I got it!” into the ears of visiting players. How else do you explain easy fly balls being allowed to drop, first by Wil Myers, then by Adam Wainwright?) One way or another, I expect the Series will return to Fenway, where the Sox will win it in six.

Huddle Up

This was a welcome sight in Game 1. (Elsa, Getty Images)
This was a welcome sight in Game 1. (Elsa, Getty Images)

I was pleased to see the umpires huddle up to change what was an obvious blown call in Game One. I’ve been annoyed, however, by much of the day after reaction, where so many seem to think that they have somehow changed the game in a negative manner. Really? Astroturf changed the game. The catwalks in domed stadiums changed the game. PED’s changed the game. Umpires huddling up to get a call right is a definitely positive move, and will do until they do the smart thing and bring in expanded instant replay. (Then they should institute the DH in both leagues. I hate watching pitchers hit…)

Delay of Game: (AKA Another Reason FOX Drives Me Crazy)

Can everyone agree that these guys are the worst? (UPI/Landov)
Can everyone agree that these guys are the worst? (UPI/Landov)

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, and Fox coverage of baseball in general, annoys me. In an attempt to avoid it, I tried turning off the sound on the TV, and listening to the Red Sox radio broadcast. The problem is that the TV broadcast was close to a half minute behind the radio. That’s really substantial when you think about it, and I just found that to be off-putting after awhile as well. All I can say is, where’s Vin Scully when you need him? Stay tuned…

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