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Jobu discusses two more NFL long shots, Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress.

In part one of this post, we took a look at Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens to see if they might anything left in the tank for the 2012 season, or if they should both start petitioning for VH1 to bring back The Surreal Life. In part II, we’ll look at the other two aging receivers looking for one more shot at a title… Plaxico Burress and Randy Moss. Washed out, or ready for more?

Plaxico Burress

Someone’s gotta take a chance on Plaxico, right? (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Like Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress currently finds himself without a roster to call home. Also like Chad Johnson, the big man is looking to catch on with the New England Patriots for a Super Bowl run. He’s hoping, of course, that his potential run with the Pats goes a little better than Johnson’s did, but they have to sign him first for us to find out.

If I were an NFL team, I would sign Burress as quickly as I could. Yes he’s had his problems. Yes, he damn near Cheddar Bobbed himself at a night club. Yes, he spent almost two years in prison. He was also one of the key cogs to the Giants Super Bowl run in 2007, and had 8 TDs in 13 starts for the Jets when he came back from jail. It’s hard for anyone to go two years without playing and come back and have that kind of production at 25 years of age, let alone at 35 like Plax did.

Why is he so good? Well, basically because he can catch the ball, and he’s 6’5″. He’s a QB’s dream. You just throw it up there and let him out-jump every defensive back in the league. It’s an easy touchdown almost every time, assuming he can get himself open. The Patriots have a history of employing guys like this (Moss and Ochocinco), and Tom Brady can make anyone a star. Imagine Tom Brady with a huge target like Plaxico at his disposal? If the Patriots don’t sign him, I’d love him as a second or third receiver on the Giants. Bring Back Plax!

Randy Moss

Can Randy Moss keep it together for another Super Bowl run? (

I really shouldn’t have to say much about Randy Moss. He has been as well known for blowing up clubhouses as he has been for burning defensive backs over his Hall of Fame career. Apologies to Jerry Rice, but, in my opinion, Randy Moss is the most talented receiver to ever step on a football field. There’s no one more explosive in the league, and he’s another guy that’s well over six feet tall with excellent hands. His problem is in his brain.

There’s something in Randy Moss’ head that has forced him to burn down every bridge anyone’s ever built for him. He cried his way out of Minnesota, flubbed his way out of Oakland, whined his way out of the perfect situation in New England, did nothing in Tennessee and set up a war with the coach in Minnesota the second time around (he lost).

This year, Moss finds himself in the Pacific Northwest, a year removed from his last NFL game and trying to earn a spot on the San Francisco 49ers. Coach Harbaugh has said all the right things so far. Moss is there to play and be a contributing member of the team, and if he can’t do that, he’ll find himself unemployed again. I think that’s the best way to handle Randy Moss. When he’s happy, he is untouchable on the field. But, sit him one minute too long or throw him one ball too few, and he orders a bunch of TNT from Acme and brings it to the next team meeting.

I think that any weapon you give Alex Smith is going to benefit the team. The former Utah QB simply isn’t that good, so he needs a lot of people to throw the ball to while the defense wins games for them. Although he’s 35 years old, I think Moss could be huge for that offense, and for young wide receiver Michael Crabtree… as long as Crabtree only listens to Happy Randy.

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