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Big League Clu introduces you to his favorite holiday… No, not Labor Day… It’s even better.

Thats right folks, it’s August 31st, you know what that means right? Friday!! Actually, it means that today is officially National College Colors Day!  In case you’re reading this post and you say to yourself, “Clu. I dont know what College Colors Day is!” Well here’s a little bit of knowledge for your brain!

Otto is Shocking!

College Colors Day is the annual celebration held by the kind folks at the NCAA to promote the traditions and the school spirit that make the college experience so awesome. They celebrate by encouraging people across America to wear apparel of their favorite college or university throughout the day.

Dartmouth’s Keggy!

So today when you get up and remember hey it’s college color’s day, go into the back of your closet and break out that dusty old 1970’s wool vest that’s obviously five sizes too tight for you to ever consider putting on, get out your megaphone, put on your war face on and run down the street screaming the fight song of your alma mater or favorite sports team! Soon after you scare the local kids into the house with your god awful getup, you can head into work and show your school pride around the office. Luckily, it will be casual friday so you can get away with it.

Since it started in 2005, College Colors Day has become increasingly popular throughout all campuses and communities across the country. Thousands of organizations and individuals participate annually by donning their team colors and sharing in the college spirit with friends, so won’t you join in on the fun and support your favortie team? You can bet your sweet ass that I will be!!!

Featured image courtesy of: (JGlover/Wikimedia Commons)
Otto image courtesy of: College Humor
Keggy image courtesy of:  Chris Plehal

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